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action. but i think you want to go fairly quickly. as you look at tracy stevens, brad's wife. you want to make sure that you get a high quality shot. you would like to get it quickly. if you don't get a good one, use whatever time you need to get the type of quality shot that you want. jim: during that time-out we learned howard had blood on his hand. you can't be out there if you are bleeding. taped him up, too. you saw tracy stevens. clark: this is an ideal time really to go two for one if you have it in your playbook. it is not something college coaches do on a regular basis but we know coach krzyzewski coached the olympic team. we will see how quickly that they try to operate. jim: howard thrown down, no
11:31 pm
call. clark: it is off zoubek's foot. jim: it is going to butler. clark: boy, a lot of hand fighting. howard flopped a little there and you saw it go off of zoubek's foot. zoubek did move him a bit. howard embellished. at the end of the play the ball hit brian zoubek's foot. jim: shot clock is off. nored. to mack. hayward hasn't touched it. zoubek deflects it. stays with butler with 13.6. time-out, butler.
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jim: do you believe in sequels? clark: certainly looks that way, doesn't it partner? my goodness. jim: that young man right there, had a mile a moment. won a state championship. no time left, hit the shot in the lane. clark: you are down by one. you have to get a shot up with four or five seconds, on the clock. jim: clark: because you want to give yourself a chance, jim, for a put-back. if you don't convert perhaps a quick foul to stretch it out. i think you have to get a shot up. especially as good as butler is defensively. i think you try to get it up around that five or six or seven second mark. if you don't score, tip it in and you have a chance to immediately foul after that.
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jim: zoubek is going to guard the inbounds pass. clark: going to try to bother the vision of hayward. you don't want to throw it into the corner if you are butler. jim: ok. here we go. hayward needs help. has to call the time-out. jim: strange angles. jim: zoubek with that big
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wingspan made that difficult for hayward to see any kind of seam. now they changed the inbound thrower. it is going to be howard instead of hayward. clark: gives hayward a chance to be involved in screening and catching the pass. jim: out to hayward. he wants to drive. fade away shot at the rim into zoubek's hand. clark: well done. good shot for your best player. you got it on the rim. 3.6, you are able to foul. that will still give you time to maybe have one more possession. good defense by singler moving his feet and not fouling. that is good all the way around. that was right on line. terrific job by gordan hayward to jump stop and then lean back. that is outstanding defense by duke. jim: zoubek of course with that
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long arm, it made hayward launch it a little longer, you would think. zoubek for the tournament 7-12 from the line. two shots. his father, paul. butler has no time-outs. clark: so they would hope that zoubek makes this it is hayward pulling it down at midcourt launches the shot. almost went in. and duke is the king of the dance, 2010.
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jim: coach k coming over to console gordan hayward. he snatched the rebound, got past zoubek. this look from our angle was dead on. hard to believe that it was that close from midcourt.
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partner, we just watched one of the greatest championship games ever played, no doubt about it. clark: there was no losers here. i know duke will be crowned national champion, deservingly so. they won this game. butler did not lose it. what a game. worthy of a championship. jim: duke and mike krzyzewski now with their fourth national title. coach k, there he is. nine years since the last one in that span. of course he led the united states of america to gold over in beijing. he will be america's coach in london in 2012. so much wanted to come back to give this duke program another moment like this.
11:39 pm
he often talked in the tournament when we were around him about how it felt different for him. a different perspesketive. now a grandfather of seven. this is an amazing night here in indianapolis. once again, duke and coach k are the gold standard of college basketball. nationwide insurance, talk to me.
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jim: it is hayward getting around zoubek. at midcourt launches the shot. it almost went in! almost went in! and duke is the king of the dance 2010. greg g.: welcome back to indianapolis, indiana. still ahead tonight after your
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late local news, stay tuned for the late show with david letterman. followed by "the late late show" with craig ferguson, only on cbs. coming up our annual cbs sports tribute to the ncaa tournament this year oscar and grammy winner jennifer hudson will be singing "one shining moment." 61-59, duke over butler in as fine of a championship basketball game as anyone could possibly ask for. greg a.: it couldn't have been played any better. teams were evenly matched. you have to give credit to duke. butler's game plan was exceptional. they did everything they had. they competed on the backboard. they basically played them even. they had more free-throws made, and they also did not get enough from their two big guns. give duke credit defensively for limiting themselves. that was the difference in the game. seth: and duke got on to the
11:43 pm
offensive glass in the second half. they had an 8-1 advantage. you can't say enough about the heart, soul and the guts of these young men from butler. they gave this city, this state and this country watching the ncaa tournament a monthful of memories we will never forget. they had fewer points on the scoreboard tonight but they were champions. greg g.: mike krzyzewski joins john wooden and adolph rupp with the only coaches with four or more championships. coming up the presentation of the championship trophy to the victorious blue devils. a shiny? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means to own a mercedes-benz. the c-class.
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greg g.: welcome back to indianapolis, everyone. butler's 25-game winning streak is snapped. duke wins its fourth national championship. let's take you for the trophy presentation. jim and clark are standing by. jim: this has been a night in indianapolis that none of us will ever forget. the duke blue devils are the national champions. and it is my pleasure to introduce dan guerrero, the chair of the ncaa men's basketball committee. dan. >> thank you, jim. first off would like to thank the city of indianapolis for the wonderful display of hoosier hospitality and for hosting a great final four. additionally, i would like to congratulate both teams on outstanding seasons and for giving us an absolutely fabulous effort tonight. and now, on behalf of the ncaa
11:47 pm
division-i men's basketball committee it is my privilege to present the 2010 championship trove tow coach mike krzyzewski and the duke blue devils. jim: there you go, mike. >> first of all, we want to say it was a great basketball game. i want to congratulate an amazing butler team and their fans for a fabulous year. we played a great game. they played a great game. it is hard for me to imagine that we are the national champions. i love this team.
11:48 pm
and it is our last day together. and what a way to celebrate our last day together. congratulations. and thanks to our fans. jim: hey, mike. all of the championship games you have ever been in or ever seen, do you think there has been a better one than this? >> we have been fortunate to number eight, and this was the best one. both teams, all of the kids on both teams played their hearts out. there was never more than a few points separating. so a lot of kids made big plays for both teams. jim: surrounded by his seniors, lance thomas, brian zoubek, congratulations to kyle singler, the final four's most outstanding player. the blue devils have had a shining moment and they are the national champions of 2010.
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greg g.: welcome back to indianapolis, everyone, where the valiant butler team came up two points shy of duke. >> coach, this one literally came down to the final tick on the clock. how proud are you of the way this team fought this season and game? >> when you coach these guys you are at peace with whatever result you achieve because of what they give. they gave it everything they had. we just came up a bounce short. but you know, certainly there is nothing to hang their head about. i just told them in there what they have done and done together will last a lot longer than one night, regardless of the outcome. >> how about the affect this run has had on the school, program and on the city as well. >> well, i can't really speak to it as much because the
11:52 pm
people of indianapolis has been so great to us. obviously butler university. we are just blessed to be in a place where, you know, these guys can go to school and be in a place that values good basketball. >> congratulations on a tremendous run. >> thank you. >> back to you, greg. greg g.: congratulations indeed to the butler bulldogs who come up two points short of duke. one shining moment still to come. don't go away. - welcome to my new abode... - this is awesome! wow! who knew you were so environmentally responsible? yeah, enviro...what? your house made of empty bud light cans. - oh, they're not empty! - oh, here we go. ♪ yeah! there's bud light in the fridge made of bud light!
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greg g.: welcome back to indianapolis everyone. werner, the official ladder of the ncaa basketball championships and the official basketball of professional contractors who rise above the rest. greg gumbel back along with greg anthony and seth davis. there are overtime games that are not as good as this was. greg a.: as compelling in terms of the drama and the excellence in which the game was played is really impressive. kyle singler was really the best player out there on the floor. he job he did defensively on gordan hayward, holding him to 2-11 shooting, very impressive. seth: i have to say butler played like america's team tonight. the big question about duke could they survive a bad shooting night in the tournament. they go 5-17.
11:55 pm
nolan smith and jon scheyer a combined 2-10. on saturday night they played a two point game. they lost. you said it well, greg. it was a close game but it was a well-played game and a worthy championship game. greg g.: a reminder, stay tuned for the late show with david letterman. followed by "the late late show" with craig ferguson, only on cbs. for a recap and break dth down all of the action go to the cbs college sports network later tonight. cbs sports coverage of the masters begins with late night highlights of the masters. live coverage on saturday beginning at 3:30 eastern with coverage of sunday's final round coming your way at 2:00 eastern. once again, the blue devils sit atop the basketball world. congratulations to head coach mike krzyzewski and the newly crowned champions from duke.
11:56 pm
we also applaud coach brad stevens and the butler bulldogs who enjoyed an outstanding season and kept the hoosiers spirit alive providing hometown fans with a thrilling run to the final four. we leave you with a look back at the highlights of the 29th consecutive ncaa tournament we at cbs sports have been privileged to broadcast. here now is jen her hudson with the 2010 edition of "one shining moment." ♪the ball is tipped and there you are you're running for your life you're a shooting star and all the years no one knows
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just how hard you worked but now it shows one shining moment it's all on the line one shining moment there frozen in time but time is short and the road is long in the blinking of an eye ah that moment's gone and when it's done win or lose you always did your best cuz inside you knew one shining moment, you reached deep inside one shining moment, you knew you were alive feel the beat of your heart
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♪ one shining moment ♪
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coming up, tiger talks. first time the superstar golfer takes questions from a room full of reporters. what he is taking about his scandal. deadly mind disaster. others missing in west virginia nationwide insurance, let me hear it.
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here it is. deductible. take $50 off. wait. take $100 off for every year she doesn't have an accident... ... and call it vanishing deductible. hook, line, sinker. done. deadly mine explosions, dozens of people are dead after an explosion in west virginia.
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>> good evening i'm denise koch. >> and vic carter. sirens screamed toward the upper big bend mine. and people feared the worse. >> my brother called and he said if ambulances were going past my house. because it's a coal mining community. and when you hear so many ambulances, there has to be something wrong. >> reporter: dozens of ambulances were heading toward charleston, west virginia. >> it's a rescue operation. they have 96 hours of oxygen in there. so we have time on our side. >> reporter: officials do not know what caused the explosion but say it appeared to have
12:04 am
happened when the crews were exiting the mine. the company said in a statement, we want to assure the families of all the minors we are taking every action possible to locate and rescue those missing. >> our prayers go out to the victim's families. they go out to those still missing and to those who are putting themselves in harm's way to save our coal miners that are still missing. >> reporter: west virginia is still mourning the deaths of 12 minors. now news has reached the white house of another disaster. president obama spoke to west virginia's governor offering condolences and assistance to help the minors and their families from this latest tragedy. >> now deaths of minors have been dropping in recent years, with 2009 being the safest on record. prior to th

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